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Round 8 - May 2041
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Kip and Kimber Henderson are 48, Kyle is 3 (Caleb Henderson is 20, Alana and Christian Brown are 44)

Spend all your time waiting, for that second chance
For a break that would make it okay
There's always some reason, to feel not good enough
And it's hard at the end of the day
Sarah McLachlan

He would be starting school soon. Kimber couldn't believe that her little boy would soon be leaving every morning, just as Kip did. Sure, she had her books to write, but it would be quite lonely without her boys there.......

But she wouldn't be home alone for too long. She had finally convinced Kip to adopt another child. A little girl. She had always wanted a daughter, but things didn't work out that way. And while she was very happy to have Kyle, she still wanted a little girl. It had taken months to get him to agree, but he finally had..........

Besides, she would be the one taking on the bulk of the responsibility since she would be home with her. And they would be helping out some poor, unwanted child in the process. It really was a great solution all around as far as Kimber was concerned.

Kip wasn't as excited about another mouth to feed as Kimber was. They were getting too old for kids, in his opinion. They would be 50 soon! But how could he deny her something she had always wanted? He couldn't. So they would soon be the parents of a little toddler girl.......the things people do for love!

They invited Caleb over to tell him the good news. Kimber didn't know how well he was going to take it. Not that it mattered, seeing as how they hardly saw him these days!

"So you two wanna tell me what's going on?" Caleb asked.
"Why does something have to be going on? Can't a mother and father want to just see their son just to see him?"
"A mother and father can. You two can't," Caleb said laughing.
"I guess we should go a head and tell him," Kimber said.

"We're going to adopt a little girl," Kimber said.
"Really? Aren't you two......well, a little old to start over again? I mean Kyle is only three!" Caleb said.
"I'll have you know we aren't that old!" Kimber said indignantly.
"Sure, sure. I mean if it makes you guys happy, then I'm happy for you. But I'm not changing anymore diapers," Caleb said laughing.
"We wouldn't dream of asking you to," Kip said with a smile.

They also had the Browns over for dinner to share their good news.
"The entire process takes about a year. You know, they have to make sure we aren't nuts," Kimber said laughing.
"Well I think it's wonderful that you two are adopting," Alana said.
"I think it's insane," Christian said.
"And why is that?" Kimber asked.

"I have a daughter. They're all cute and adorable as babies, but then they become moody teens," Christian said laughing.
"Christa has her reasons for acting the way she does," Alana said quietly.
"You think Caleb wasn't a moody teen? That just comes with the hormones," Kimber said laughing.
"It's different with girls........you'll see," Christian said.

She'd never tell it to him, but Kimber knew that Christian was a big part of the reason that Christa was such a withdrawn child. And as she watched Caleb with his little brother, she knew that she and Kip were doing something right. She wasn't worried, she knew their daughter would be just as special as their boys.......

If they looked hard enough, they could find lots of reasons not to adopt this child. So she wouldn't dwell on any of those. They were good parents with a good home that could really help a child in need. And that was all that really mattered. She would soon have the daughter she had always wanted...........

* So these two rolled the adoption ROS for this round. I could see Kimber as the type of woman to really want a little girl. So when I do the adoption (scheduled for May 2042) I'll keep quitting without saving until she gets a little girl. 

* I've decided to let them adopt a toddler instead of a baby. Kyle will be turning into a child this round and I didn't want them to have to start completely over. I can't wait to see who they end up getting. I figure a year is long enough to make them wait. They'll have a mini update at the end of this round where we'll meet the newest little Henderson :)
* I'm still pretty busy, but things are slowing down a little. The recent holiday did help out a lot. Posts are still going to be kinda scarce for a bit longer. I did go ahead and shoot the Coners update, the kid is awesome!!! I have the overseas base update with Gavin Newson and Matt Picaso next, followed by the Foster update, then you guys will get to see the baby and find out it's fate :)


  1. Can't wait to see the new little one and wow, Christian is a downer, he just shouldn't open his mouth anymore :P

  2. Ugh, Christian! And your daughter's moodiness wouldn't have anything to do with her father, would it now? But Kimber is right, all teens get moody at times!

    Kimber and Kip are great parents and this little girl will be lucky to have them, and her two big brothers!

  3. Apple Valley - Christian is a jerk, he can't' help it lol. I'm excited as this will be the first adoption in LaQuest Beach :)

    Carla - Christian is such an egomaniac that though he knows he's the cause for Christa's attitude, he'd never admit it to anyone. This toddler will definitely be a very lucky child indeed, Kip and Kimber are awesome parents :)

    Thanks for reading!

  4. Aww a little girl. That will be sweet! Can't wait to see what she looks like! It'd be funny if she had red hair too! Christian, wow, yah Christa has her reasons. But teens are moody. Im glad that they got this dos they'll be good with another one and it'll be nice for Kyle to have a playmate too.

  5. Ooooh! I can't wait to meet the newest little addition!

    I know how it feels to not have much time for your simmies. I think I actually have more delay updates than real posts! Lol. You just have to remember that although you want to please your readers, real life comes first. So don't become to stressed about it- your awesome updates make up for delays anyway. :)


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