Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to Ya!

Round 6 - Summer 2037

Kimber Henderson had forgotten how awful pregnancy could be. It's was a beautiful, ugly experience! But everytime she walks into Caleb's room, she doesn't mind it so much.......Now maybe she won't go crazy with the empty nest syndrome!

Lorelai was in her second trimester and she was so excited about meeting her child. Gurth Vasan hadn't shown up yet and Lorelai was getting quite nervous. No news was not always good news......

Though Taesha was glad that she had reached the end of her pregnancy and her baby was on its way, she didn't appreciate the waves of pain that were ripping through her abdomen!

But she knew it was all worth it once Lyria Elizabeth Nott was born. Taesha knew she would never accomplish any thing more meaningful than bringing a child into the world. She was really happy that Gordon was there and had been the one to rush her to the hospital.

Gordon couldn't believe he was a dad! It all became real for him once he was holding Lyria, and he couldn't stop smiling whenever he looked down into her little face.

Welcome to LaQuest Beach Lyria Nott!

* This were terrible hospital pics but I really just wanted to try it out and see how it felt to do it. It's great! The pictures will get better as I become accustomed to the best way to get the pics I want. I have two more births coming up so I should get lots of practice!

* Lorelai and Kimber are so cute pregnant, imo :). I still haven't decided how Gurth will react once Lorelai's baby is born. It all depends on if the baby has the elf ears.


  1. Congrats on the new baby. So Gurth won't show up until the baby's first birthday, huh? Since the ears won't show up until then. Grr, I really don't like Gurth-things were complicated enough without him popping up :P

  2. Haha No Gurth won't have to wait until the baby's first birthday. I'll force age the baby up once they're born to see if they will have the ears then quit without saving. So we'll all know once Lorelai gives birth :)

  3. Kimber's going to be too busy to worry about any empty nest, lol!

    Aw, welcome Lyria! My Gordon was totally besotted with his girls when they were born, just like your Gordon looks with Lyria. So sweet!


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