Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Float On

Chapter 1.1
Location: Camden Park Fairgrounds
Date: August 2044
 Alright, Already
And we'll all float on alright
Already we'll all float on alright
Don't worry even if things end up a bit
Too heavy we'll all float on alright
- Modest Mouse 

When the mayor of LaQuest Beach, Christian Brown, asked his former intern, Caleb Henderson, to head up the creation of a fairground on the island upon which Camden Park resides, he had no idea the young man would do such a wonderful job. It was more than he expected and he knew the residents of LaQuest would enjoy the grounds for years to come. Caleb was truly a mayor in the making.........

Mayor Brown had even taken his own children for the grand opening of the grounds. His son Hayden was especially excited about the hot air balloon rides. Christian was a bit nervous seeing his young son floating up towards the sky, but he knew that he was safe.

The balloon would only rise a certain amount before being brought back down by the operator. Hayden had never been so high in his young life! He was terrified, but exhilarated at the same time.  

Other residents, like Mindi Mason, decided to try something a bit safer than floating high above the fair. The carousel was equally a big hit the day of the fair.  

And though Christian and Caleb BOTH hated clowns, it was agreed that the children would probably love to see one, so there was an area where they could sit and enjoy the show the clown put on. Both Caleb and Mayor Brown avoided this area!

There were even activities that families could do together or that could give people an opportunity to get to know others that they may not otherwise come into contact with in normal life. 

And what would a great fair be without fair food? Residents could enjoy hotdogs, snack foods, and even some nice, cold ice cream...........

And of course with it being unseasonably warm in Camden Park at the time, the ice cream dispensers were a huge hit among the attendees. 

Charity Pace even came out, despite being very pregnant with her and husband Derick Pace's second child. If Charity had a say in the matter, which of course she did, this would be the last child for the couple. Their daughter Jordyn would have a younger sibling to interact with and that was enough for Charity. 

The fair ended with some amazing fireworks and Mayor Brown hailed it a big success. He was excited to see what young Caleb Henderson would do to create more growth in Camden Park now that he was taking a more active role as the Special Assistant to the Mayor. This was an exciting time in LaQuest Beach.................

* I wanted to give some props to Caleb for the job he did on the fairgrounds because he (meaning I lol) worked very hard on it. I figure they'll have a fair every now and then to give folks a chance to interact with one another. 

* Because I know it's been a crazy long time for the people who have been readers of this blog and for the new people in general, I'll try to link to posts that reference things that have happened prior to this change where I can. So if you're lost or confused, click on any of the linked areas within the story to gain a bit more backstory.  


  1. The fairgrounds look great. You did a great job

    1. Thank you, I still feel insecure about building lots, but I'm trying to get over that lol

  2. Fairgrounds! The lot looks amazing - well done! This was a fun way to remember some of the LQB sims, some of whom I'd forgotten. Good to see some old faces back again. :)

    1. I'm glad you like the lot! Yea, it's been quite a while so hopefully these kinds of post can serve as a reintroduction to some of my sims. :)


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