Monday, May 21, 2012

Everything is Everything

Round 9 - August 2042
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Caleb Henderson, Kimberly Jackson, and Ricky Cormier are 22 (Ginger Newson is 22)

Everything is everything, what is meant to be will be
After winter, must come spring
Change comes eventually 
Lauryn Hill

Caleb still couldn't believe that they were done with undergrad. It seemed like the fours years just flew by! Now he was working as a lobbyist for Mayor Brown and was working to getting his grad school admittance score up. It was all very exciting!

His mother was very excited to have him working at City Hall with her. Her office as tax revenue specialist was just downstairs from where he worked with Mayor Brown. His parents were so proud of him and it made him feel good. Though they knew that politics could be quite stressful, they fully supported his decision and he knew he could count on their votes if he ever decided to run for mayor.

And while that was one of his long term goals, he had no interest in Mayor Brown's job at the moment. He was just happy to be able to learn all he could from him.

"We've moved forward on your fairground idea, Caleb. I really think it's just what Camden Park needs," Christian said.
"Thank you sir! I think Camden Park gets forgotten about sometimes because of how busy the mainland can be. It'll be nice to have everyone come out and have some fun a few times a year for a fair."
"I completely agree. We should be able to host the first fair in a little over a year. I want you to use the empty office next door for the time being. Now I'll work closely with you on the fairgrounds, but this is your baby. You'll be responsible for most of the grunt work," Christian said.
"Oh that's fine sir!"

He knew how lucky he was to have such an awesome job right out of college. He knew that not everyone was this lucky...............

Ricky had lucked out as well. The art teacher at LBPS was leaving to open her own gallery and there was an opening for a new art teacher. Somehow Ricky lucked up and got it! It would be weird to go back to the high school as a teacher instead of a student........

But he was still in a better position than Kimberly...........
"You're so selfish! You didn't think I would like some chili?" Kimberly asked laughing.
"Sorry babe, I thought you were still sleeping."
"No, I have to be at work in a little while," she said with a shudder.
"You'll find something else soon Kim, I know you will."
"I hope so........"

"Do you have any idea how embarrassing it is to put that uniform on?" she asked.
"Well, if it makes you feel better, you look hot in it," Ricky said with a smile.
"No Ricky, that does not make me feel better! Caleb is working with the freaking Mayor, you're the cool young high school teacher, and I'm the sleazy maid," she said sadly.
"It's just temporary, honey........"

Ricky hated to see her so down. He couldn't believe that she hadn't heard back from Joanna King at the LaQuest Beach Times. Kimberly was a great writer and deserved a shot at least. Maybe he could get Meadow to talk to Slade to talk to Joanna and at least get her an interview.........

She didn't know what she did to deserve this hell, but something had to give soon! She didn't understand why this company wanted their maids to dress like this and wear the same kind of wig, but she was almost beyond caring. Anything would be better than what she had at this point......

"So nice of you to make time for the little people," Ginger said laughing when they all met at the beach that night.
"I'm sorry, I know I've been an awful boyfriend lately," he said.
"It's okay, I knew that working for the Mayor would be a very busy job. I'm happy that you're doing so well. We're both doing what we wanted to do."
"How are things down at the shop?" he asked.
"Great! I'm learning a lot from Jessica and she's been talking about giving me more responsibilities. How are Ricky and Kimberly?"
"Ricky's great, though I'm worried about him being around all those teenage girls. Kimberly is having trouble finding a writing job though. It's got her pretty upset," Caleb said.
"Where are those two anyway?"
"Where they always are........" Caleb said shaking his head.

"......It's like all they do these days is woohoo, it's like living in a brothel!" Caleb exclaimed.
"I'm sure it's not quite that bad. Besides, isn't that how they were when you guys were in the dorms?" Ginger asked.

"Even with all these changes we have going on, somethings will still stay the same I guess," Caleb said laughing as Ricky and Kimberly's interlude attracted an audience.

* So they're out on their own now :). I think they will be quite fun to play. I don't see Kimberly and Ricky becoming playable. They'll join the land of non-playables once Caleb moves on.

* I have been spending some time building some new things that have been on my list forever lol. One of those things is a fairground lot. Now, I plan to show it off with a community fair at the end of this round. Just something that will get everyone together :). I figured Caleb needed something to work on! I've also added a new subhood that won't be a subhood if that makes sense. It will be another city that's further away from LaQuest Beach. There's an inhood uni there so I'm sure I'll have some young adults showing it off eventually. Maybe Christa can be the first since I'm sure she's aching to get far away from her family lol. And lastly, I added another vacation destination that is very French like for some of my richer sims to enjoy.

* Caleb now has enough points to start his master's program in political science. Getting his interest level up was no problem at all and I think my new system will work out just fine.

* I've decided to remove Kayla from the high school and let her concentrate fully on her art gallery. I'll address that more during her update.

* The journalism career just won't roll up for Kimberly, poor thing. Hopefully she'll be out of that crazy maid uniform soon :)


  1. Yay for Caleb! It looks like he's really thriving working for Mayor Brown and it's great that he's been allowed to work somewhat independently as well. I'm sure Caleb will make a great mayor - several years down the line, of course!

    Poor Kimberly. Do you have any rules for when you're allowed to cheat a Sim into a career? I bet Kimberly's hoping you do!

    1. I think he will be a great Mayor as well. If my uni students don't have a certain gpa and their chosen career doesn't pop up during their first round as adults, they have to go through that round in a blue collar job. If it doesn't pop up by the end of their second round as adults, I cheat them in. So if luck isn't on her side next round, she'll get into her field before I leave their house.

  2. So many changes,I can't wait to see the fairgrounds and the subhiid/destination city. I recently did the same thing myself :P still working on hood building and getting it to a big city vibe, but the university and technical school are finished, though the city isn't terribly far from the main hood. You could always ship Christy to another hood for university if she wants to get far away.

    1. I still have finishing touches to put on the hoods but they're basically done. Not all people stay close to home and I just wanted a place that was more than an hours drive away for some of my younger sims to go to when they get older. I think Christa wants to get far enough away to where she can breathe, but I think she would miss her mom if she were TOO far away. Plus, I don't think she's going anywhere that Bobby isn't :)

  3. Caleb is doing really well isn't he? It's good to see :) It's nice that his job is going so great, getting the responsibility of a project isn't something minor.

    I really hope Kimberly can stop that job that she hates so much soon!


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