Monday, July 11, 2016

Thayer/Wrightwood Wedding

I have once again fallen off the wagon as I'm sure you guys have noticed lol. I just don't know that I play regularly enough to keep up a blog but I realized that I already had the photos for their wedding and I just wanted to share them. I'm not saying whether or not I'm going to continue because I don't know. But I did want fans of this story line to at least get to see their wedding.

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Slade couldn't believe that he was actually watching Meadow walk down the aisle. After all they had been through, it was a bit surreal to play at her wedding. But he had to admit, Frenchie had gone all out to make this the wedding of Meadow's dreams.......

Ginger still didn't fully trust Armand, but she was happy for her friend. As she walked down the aisle, she wondered what hers and Caleb's wedding would be like. She knew that she didn't want anything as extravagant as what Meadow had done. But she knew that she wanted to be Mrs. Henderson one day.............

Armand was a bit nervous about becoming a step-father to young Joss, but he also knew that this was what he wanted. Meadow was that burst of sunshine that he needed in his world. He wanted to make all of her dreams come true.............

Meadow couldn't believe that she was getting married. She was sad that her parents refused to come, but she was happy that her friends were present. And though she would never tell him, Meadow was glad that Slade was there. They still had their moments, still fought like it was their job, but she knew that without him, she wouldn't be who she was now. Becoming a mother to Joss had completely turned her world upside down. And meeting Armand had set it right again.............

They honeymooned at Armand's home in Milan. Meadow was still getting used to the life of luxury being with Armand Wrightwood afforded. And now she was Mrs. Wrightwood.......

It was an absolutely beautiful place, Milan. And because they owned a home there, Meadow could visit anytime she wanted. She couldn't wait to bring Joss here...........


They even popped over to Paris for a bit. Meadow was looking forward to starting this new chapter of her life. She knew that this was only the beginning of a new and amazing life for her and Joss.

*Hopefully this was satisfying for fans of this story line. I wish that Meadow hadn't started out as an NPC so that her parents could have been present, but I just wasn't feeling creating parents for her. I think their wedding turned out really well and was a breeze to play since there wasn't a ton of people on the lot.

*I am still actually playing the game, but it's just whenever the mood strikes. It's definitely not often enough for regular update, obviously lol. I'm thinking of maybe wrapping up each story line so that it's not just all up in the air. I dunno if anyone would even care at this point though lol.  


  1. Finally :) Such a great wedding! I would be interested in seeing the stories wrapped up. I'm still wary of Armando, but not a lot...just a little :)

    1. Lol Armand kinda makes everyone wary of him.......something is off with him for sure. I'm still trying to figure out out to proceed forward with things.

  2. I'm glad you posted these pics! Meadow and Armand certainly had a beautiful wedding - I hope their married life is just as lovely.

    1. I think Meadow is going to very much enjoy her married life. She and Joss will be well taken care of for sure.


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