Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Decisions, Decisions

So after having a little sit down with myself, I decided that I do want to continue with the blog. However, I am no longer interested in HOW I was playing. I think I just got bogged down by keeping up with all these different stats and trying to actually run the neighborhood. So I have decided to just stop all that. I will no longer do rounds, since this is pretty story based at this point anyway, I plan to do chapters instead. The chapters will have sub-numbers (1.1, 1.2, etc) because if every household was a chapter, the numbers would tick away very quickly lol. I'll still play everyone's house and still do birthdays because I think it's important to know when they're aging, but that's pretty much it. School updates will only occur when I play the house of the person in charge of the school. And of course I'll still play the uni updates by semester. I think simplifying it all will help me not get in these long periods where I just don't want to turn on the game. I still plan to do Connor's time in Peragama (which is actually where we'll begin mainly) and Arwen's story of becoming Queen of Vasadori. I enjoyed playing the rounds and running the hood but I think it just became a little much for me to want to maintain between work and the other things I have going on in life. I want to get back to it being fun. And the story part of the sims, the ability to interpret what their interactions mean, has always been the most fun part for me. Also, the story will remain here. Because ALL the rest of the posts are here, it'll just be easier I suppose for any new people that run across the blog to see what's happened up to the point where they join. I'm excited to be inspired again :)


  1. I'm excited you're inspired again too! I think you just have to do whatever works for you and whatever stops it from feeling like actual work. :)

  2. Like Carla, I'm glad you are inspired again. I say if you are having fun, then it's the right way to do it :)


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