Friday, November 1, 2013

Hometown Glory

Round 9 - September 2043
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Kevin & Kinsley Knowles are 37, Ryan is 11, Ricki is 10, (Kenny & Kayla Coners are 29, Liam is 3, Brian Johnson is 29, Marley Johnson is 4 months, Gordon and Taesha Nott are 27)  

Round my hometown, memories are fresh
Round my hometown, ooh, the people I've met
Are the wonders of my world, are the wonders of my world
Are the wonders of this world, are the wonders and now

Kinsley was glad that she hired Kali, the young girl really had a passion for fashion and worked hard without ever complaining. She had a very good sense of fashion and Kinsley knew that there were great things in store for her in the future. Escape was doing very well and Kinsley had been considering opening up a second location in Camden Park.........

Fall was slowly coming into LaQuest Beach and Kinsley and Kevin decided to have some of the family over to their home. Brian and Mellow Metal would be leaving to tour for their album Skyfall in January, and Kinsley wanted to get some time in with her brother before he left. 
"Can you believe Brian is going on tour again? Who would have thought our brother would be a rockstar?" Taesha asked.
"Yea, it's pretty amazing. I still remember the annoying little kid running around playing with helicopters all day. It doesn't even seem like the same person! How are you enjoying the house?" Kinsley asked.
"We LOVE it! It's the first time we've had our own place. It's such a nice feeling, living on our own."
"AND away from DeJuan, right?" Kinsley asked laughing.
"EXACTLY! I love my dad, but I love him more when he's in his own house!"
Now that they had their own house, Taesha and Gordon were working on a sibling for Lyria. There was more responsibility in having their own place, but she and Gordon were loving their independence and couldn't wait to add to their family. 

Kayla and Kenny also came over for the get together. Kayla was impatiently awaiting their new arrival. She was ready to get her body back! She was pretty sure that this would be the last child for she and Kenny. Unless of course HE wanted to carry the next one!

Kenny couldn't wait until his new child was born. Liam had brought so much joy and fun into their lives and he knew that the new baby would be no different. He still wasn't happy to be leaving so soon after the baby was born to go on tour, but he knew they had an obligation to the fans. And if anyone could handle managing a household on her own for a while, it was his wife!

Kinsley still couldn't believe the change in her brother after little Marley was born. He was a totally different guy and Ms. Marley had her papa wrapped around her fingers!

Truth be told, she had all of them wrapped around her fingers. Kinsley and Kevin had been trying for another child for quite a while now, and it seemed that Ryan and Ricki would be their only children. Of course she loved them, but Kinsley couldn't help feeling a bit sad that she wouldn't get to watch another baby grow into a little person. Kevin had suggested fertility treatments, but Kinsley didn't want to risk having more than one baby. 

"I just want you to know how proud of you I am," Kinsley said.
"Proud of me? For what?"
"I mean look at what you've done! We're people who grew up in Englewood. And look at us now! We both have our own beautiful families and careers that we love. You've worked hard, little brother. And I'm proud of you."
"Gah, you're such a chick sometimes," Brian said with a smile.
"Oh get out of here, you jerk," Kinsley said laughing.

Kevin wasn't as sad as Kinsley about not being successful in conceiving another child. Oh he would do it because it was what she wanted. But he honestly enjoyed the kids at the ages they were currently at. He loved spending quality time with them......................

Besides, between the two of them, their family was huge! There would always be a baby around and cousins for their kids to play with. Ricki loved when Taesha came over to play. She got to be the "big" cousin instead of the little sister!

Yep, they had a large, loud, crazy family that would forever leave it's mark on LaQuest Beach and, in Brian's case, the world. Who wouldn't feel lucky enough to be a part of that?

But if another baby was what Kinsley wanted, Kevin would do everything he could to make that happen for her. Even if that meant adopting a child. Because he meant what he said to her all those years ago: he would love, honor, and cherish her all the days of his life...........

* Okay so these two are sticky sweet lol. I hate that their updates are always so mushy, but I mean that's just who they are. And I suppose they balance out some of the other craziness going on in this town!

* Kinsley and Kevin kept trying this round and just couldn't make a baby! I'm hesitant to use the fertility treatments because I know that it can result in multiples and I don't know if I want that for them. But as well off as they are, it would be nice of them to adopt a kid.

* I did decide to do a small tour with Mellow Metal. Kayla has the baby in November so I figured January would give Kenny sometime with his new child. It will not be a large tour, maybe to New Barrington and one or two vacation destinations.

* I want Brian and Joanna to get married so bad, but neither of them have the want yet, so for right now, they're still just boyfriend/girlfriend. Maybe Brian will propose when he gets back :) 

* And how freakin adorable is Liam?! Unless he features in the birth announcement, this is the last time he'll be seen as a toddler. He turns four at the beginning of next round!


  1. Yay, another tour! So exciting, I love doing tours for my band, Aerial Bionic. It was a lot easier in TS1 when sims didn't age to send them to different hoods, but I'm getting used to letting them have "invisible" tours. I have a few couples like Kinsley and Kevin, heck I still remember them as teens and how nervous she was about his family liking her and her background.

  2. Aw, I love Kinsley and Kevin! I'm sorry they don't seem to be able to get pregnant. You know, I've heard about the InTeen fertility treatments being more likely to result in multiples but it never really turns out that way for me. If you're worried though, you could always use the fertility treatment, check how many babies they're going to have and if they're having twins, use TwoJeffs' Triplets and Quads mod (the non-random version) to force a single birth when Kinsley goes into labour.

    But adoption might be a fun avenue for them to look at as well. It would be lovely for them to give a family to a child who doesn't have one.

    So nice to see this gang again!

  3. Hello. I saw your blog linked from Apple Valley and decided to check it out, and I am so glad I did! I've been catching up over the past week, and I love your families and the drama they have. I love Kevin and Kinsley, with people like Christian, you need some of that diabetes-inducing sweetness. I also love that you have so many family get-togethers. I hope when my own hood gets a little older that I can do them too.
    Off-topic, congratulations on your upcoming graduation. I wish you much success and a few more updates here, lol!


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