Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ain't It Fun

Round 9 - August 2043
Christa Brown, Bobby Emerson, & Beverly Kendall are 18 (Katie Mitchell is 18)

Ain't it good to be on your own
Ain't it fun, you can't count on no one
Ain't it fun
Living in the real world

Life was good. Christa Brown had been dreaming about the day that she would leave her home and off to college. The day when she would be on her own, with her family drama behind her. And she had to admit, she hadn't been so at peace in a long time.........................

She doubted that Bobby and Beverly felt the same relief she did, but they were both happy to be away at college as well. Christa knew that these would be the best days of her life......................

"Can you believe that we're finally here? I mean, we are at college on our own!" Christa said.
"Yea, you may have mentioned it a few hundred times," Bobby said laughing.
"I know, I'm sorry. It's just, I really needed a change of scenery, ya know?"
"I'm just messing with you Christa. I know how bad things were for you. I'm happy that we're here too," Bobby said with a smile.

LaQuest Beach University was actually a pretty awesome school. Christa was still disappointed that her dad wouldn't let her go to New Barrington University but she wasn't unhappy with LBU. She still planned to move there when she graduated and would pursue her master's degree at NBU.

And though she had never really been a social person, Christa found herself actually talking to people and making friends. She was actually surprised at how easy it was to talk to people who had her same interests. She didn't have too much of that at the high school........

Bobby was getting along fairly well himself as far as socializing was concerned. There was a nice girl named Katie Mitchell in their dorm that he had a lot in common with. If he didn't know any better, he would think that she was flirting with him sometimes. But girls didn't flirt with Bobby........he wasn't the guy that girls went for......well girls who weren't Christa................

"I think you should watch out for Katie," Beverly said that evening.
"Watch out for Katie? What do you mean?"
"I MEAN I think she likes Bobby," she said.
"Well of course she likes Bobby, he's nice. Everyone likes him," Christa said confused.
"NO I mean she likes him likes him. As in she wants him, you know, wants to take him from you."
"You're crazy! Everyone knows me and Bobby are together. Besides, he wouldn't cheat on me," Christa said.
"Hey, I'm not saying he will, I'm not saying he won't. I'm just saying you should watch Katie............"

Christa thought Beverly was crazy. Why would Katie go after a guy with a girlfriend? She didn't seem like a boyfriend stealing type of girl. Besides, Bobby was happy with Christa. And if he wasn't, she was sure he would talk to her about it..........right?

Beverly knew that these college years were going to be quite difficult. Neither Bobby nor Christa had ever dated anyone other than each other and were oblivious to the fact that they were attractive people. Bobby wasn't the only one getting interested looks.......

But she wasn't going to get involved. They were both her friends and she would be there for them, but she didn't want to be all involved in that drama. Besides, there was a cute upperclassman on her radar at the moment.........

Christa wasn't going to let Beverly scare her. She had lived with enough drama to last a lifetime, she refused to bring any here. She was determined to make her college years her best ever.....................

And yea, she could admit that Bobby had gotten cuter and taller over the summer. But he was still her Bobby, still the same guy that she met at the skate park.................

He was still the guy who hated to lose at chess and always claimed that she cheated when she beat him. He was one of the few people she knew that she could count on in her life. She knew this with all her heart.............

And she wasn't worried about Katie Mitchell. Even if she was interested in Bobby, Christa knew that she could trust him. Because he loved her.....................

And if it came right down to it, she would address any out of line stuff on Katie's part. Because, even though she hated to admit it, she was Christian Brown's daughter. And the one thing a Brown didn't do was let anything or anyone stand in the way of something that they wanted....................

* So is anyone still out there? LOL. Life got crazy for me. More clients, more workshops, more everything. So my sims kinda took a back seat. I actually have had these photos since the beginning of summer, but I just haven't had the time to churn out an update. I've actually cultivated more interests outside of the sims that kind of took over my free time (the little bit that I had lol). But I've got the bug again :). I've missed my sims and apparently the announcement that there will be a Sims 4 out next year. I'm excited to see what they are going to do with it, I'm not a fan of Sims 3. But anyhow, I plan to start playing here soon. I graduate with my master's on December 14th and will be interviewing for jobs and hopefully moving my life to a new city and/or state. So I won't promise a set schedule of updates. But I AM still playing LaQuest Beach :)

* I don't know how this Christa and Bobby thing will play out. I hope they are able to stay together, Christa doesn't need another man in her life disappointing her. But I've vowed to let it play out as it will. This made me nervous though:

That cannot be a good sign of things to come!

* Beverly's love interest is actually the same guy that Christa's mom had a semi-affair with........talk about awkward........I haven't decided how I'll address that lol.

* Though I'm not expecting the fun I had with Slade and that whole crew, I think these college years with these three will be quite interesting indeed :)


  1. They look like they will have fun, I hope they don't let being naive spoil things for them in the real world

    1. The beginning of college is always a fun time. But that reality can be a beast! Hopefully they will all come out on the other end alright :)

  2. Aw, I hope Christa and Bobby can stay together as well. But honestly, what struck me in this update is how happy I am to see Christa out on her own and finally content with her life. After the kind of childhood she had, I really want a happily ever after for her!

  3. She is extremely happy right now! I'm not sure yet how all of this will pan out, but she's a strong girl. She's had to be to survive the family she lives in.


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