Monday, October 24, 2011

Dog Days Are Over - Part II

Round 8 - August 2041 - LBU
Caleb Henderson, Ricky Cormier, and Kimberly Jackson are 21

Happiness, hit her, like a train on a track
Coming towards her, stuck still, no turning back 
She hid around corners, and she hid under beds
She killed it with kisses, and from it she fled
With every bubble, she sank with a drink
And washed it away down the kitchen sink
The dog days are over, the dog days are done
The horses are coming, so you better run
Florence + The Machine
They were seniors. Caleb still couldn't believe that their college careers were almost over. It seemed like only yesterday that they all started. Now Meadow was a mom, he and Ginger were an item, and Ricky had succeeded in totally screwing up his romantic life........
Ricky had accepted that he had messed things up with Kimberly. Well, he had accepted that she wouldn't be giving him another chance. And that was ok. He could be her friend. At least she was talking to him again. As her new friend, he didn't know if he should tell her about what a hound Chase was. He knew it would make him seem jealous, when really, he was just concerned. She had been through enough........and so when Ricky saw Chase running around with Christy, he knew it would destroy Kimberly........
He knew how it would look if he tried to tell her. She'd accuse him of making up things because of jealousy and she would stop talking to him again. So he would let her find out on her own. And he would be her shoulder to cry on........
He tried talking to Chase, but that didn't go well at all.
"Hey, Kimberly is a sweet girl. So treat her that way," Ricky said.
"Oh you mean how you treated her?" Chase said with a smirk.
"Hey, I was an asshole ok? I know that now. But you don't have to be. She doesn't deserve that man."
"You let me worry about Kimberly. You just worry about Christy........oh that's right, you don't talk to her anymore. I do. So you let me worry about her too," Chase said laughing.
"Don't think I won't kick your ass, man. I don't give a damn about Christy. But if you hurt Kimberly, I'm coming for you. You can count on it."
Caleb wouldn't miss all the drama his friends stirred up. Although, Ginger assured him that the drama wouldn't stop once they graduated. She was trying to get Meadow to slow down with her new boyfriend while Caleb was trying to keep the peace with the whole Kimberly triangle. Why couldn't everyone be like them?!
It wasn't long before Kimberly caught Chase in the act.
"Is it me? I mean seriously, it has to be me right?"
"Chase is a tool. You're great. The guy is an idiot," Ricky said.
"Even you didn't want to be with me. It has to be me," she said.
"It's totally not you! I was an idiot too. You're a wonderful person. I don't know why guys are so stupid. I've been trying to figure it out myself," Ricky said with a laugh.
"Well when you do, let me know!"
"Hey, I never really apologized, you know, for what happened with us. I was stupid. I don't know, I had been chasing after Meadow for years and then all of a sudden, there she was. It doesn't excuse it at all, but that's what it was. A teenage boy's dream come true," he said.
"I still don't get what you saw in her," Kimberly said laughing.
"Yea, me either. It all seems so silly now."
"Why Ricky Cormier, I do believe you might just be growing up," she said.
"Yea, I guess I am. But don't tell Caleb. Let's make him sweat a little more over trying to keep me out of trouble," he said laughing.
"Your secret is safe with me," she said with a smile.
"Good. I knew I could trust you," Ricky said stroking her cheek. And they stood there, looking at one another, trying to figure out what exactly was going on. But Kimberly was the one to break the spell.
"I better head back inside. I have some studying I need to do," she said.
"Okay," he said as he watched her walk away.
"Sorry to hear about Chase," Caleb said the following morning.
"Another one bites the dust huh? I'm beginning to think it's me," she said.
"Of course not! You just have bad luck with your choices in guys."
"Then you tell me why love is so hard for me to find. Ginger got you her first time out. And you don't run around after other girls."
"Well, no.......but I mean I'm not the only guy in the world like that. Some guys just take longer to mature than others. Take Ricky for example. He has changed into a totally different person. I mean it's crazy, the difference between him then and now," Caleb said.
"He has changed huh?"
She could see the changes in him. He was that sweet guy she thought he was when she first met him. It was nice, hanging out with him again. She didn't know if it would last though.........she had already made that mistake with him once, and she wasn't really in a hurry to try that out again.........
So she wouldn't think about it. She'd just work on rebuilding their friendship again, and if they happened to become more than that, then fine. If not, that was okay too. Because that was one thing that was consistent about Ricky: he was always so much fun to be around..........
Especially when she kicked his butt in his favorite pasttime. It still hurt, Chase's cheating. But all of a sudden it didn't seem TOO bad. And she knew she had Ricky to thank for that........
* So these two totally took over this update. I knew it was only a matter of time before Chase got caught, he is a romance sim after all. I had placed Ricky and Kimberly in the friend zone when Kimberly caught Ricky with Meadow, but they were rolling all these friendly wants for each other so I decided to take them out. So we may see them getting back together :). I linked to the post, but Chase was hottub woohooing with Ricky's ex-flame Christy the cheerleader
* Only one more semester before they graduate. So much drama from these guys! Christa Brown will be a welcomed break lol. She couldn't possibly get into much stuff as this group and Slade's group. Then again, with her father's dealings with the aliens, who knows what will end up happening lol.
* I finally found some playing time! I bet you guys thought I had disappeared lol. This semester has been pretty hectic and I'm also doing some stuff in my personal life that takes a bit of time too. But I'm still around, still playing and slowly building up Vasadori for Arwen's story, which I still plan to do. I'm actually due to make another family and house for that so it should be on the ramble blog soon. I also plan to get caught up with my blog reading as well. Thanks for sticking it out with me and still reading. You guys rock :)


  1. Wow, Ricky is now giving advice is growing up! :O strange, but it's in due time :)

  2. I'm glad Kimberly is being cautious with Ricky. I think his new-found maturity is sincere but I would hate to be wrong and for Kimberly to get hurt again. A "whatever happens, happens" approach is probably a good one here.

    I can't believe this group is graduating so soon! Will it just be Christa on her own when she starts? That'll be weird, after the last couple of groups you've had on campus.

  3. Apple Valley - Haha it had to happen some time :). He was never really a bad guy, just really hormone driven lol

    Carla - Yea, I think that is the best approach for her. Christa will be joined by two of her high school classmates, one being her little boyfriend :). It would be weird if it was just her, I've gotten use to playing groups at uni.


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