Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Live Like We're Dying

Round 9 - April 2043
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Clarence & Lily Phillippine are 34, Rainie & Ryder are 9, Logan is 1

We only got 86,400 seconds in a day to  
Turn it all around or to throw it all away  
We gotta tell 'em that we love 'em while we got the chance to say 
Gotta live like we're dying
Kris Allen

Raine and Ryder thought that having their mom as their teacher was going to be so much fun.......turns out your mother knowing exactly what your homework assignment is wasn't all that great! Mrs. Ellison was now teaching a separate class that allowed the twins to have a little space from their mom......things were much more peaceful now that this was the case!

While Lily and the twins were off at school, Clarence stayed home with Logan and worked on his garden. He was almost ready to purchase the little store that was next door to their house. His crop was coming in nicely and he couldn't wait to begin selling his produce to the people of Camden Park. Everything seemed to be working out just fine.......

He was worried when he first made the rash decision to uproot his family and start a farm. He thanked his lucky stars nightly to have a wife like Lily. Any other woman would have called him insane and possibly divorced him!

But Lily believed in him and even though they were basically living off of her teacher's salary at the moment, Clarence knew that he could make a go of this. He really had no other choice..........

"You ever think of maybe having another kid?" he asked after she got home from school.
"Are you insane?! Logan is only one! Not to mention that we have neither the room nor finances for another child!" Lily exclaimed.
"Calm down, it was just a question," he said laughing.
"I think our family is perfect the way it is. You really want another kid around here while you're outside trying to tend to the garden?" Lily asked.
"No, I suppose not. I guess we do have a pretty perfect family huh?" 
"Yes, my love, we do............."

It wasn't that Lily didn't love her kids, she just knew that they had quite a bit on their plate as it was. Not to mention the fact that it had only been a year since she was uncomfortably pregnant. She had no desire to repeat that any time soon!

Besides, the three kids they already had kept them quite busy. She was glad that the twins were now in Lorelai's class. She knew it would be tough for them to be in her class and not expect special treatment. They were far too young to understand the ends and outs of nepotism! Thing were much better this way.................

And she knew most women would have been horrified if their husband just up and had a desire to start a farm. But she believed in him. And in this life, time flies by in the blink of an eye. She wanted him to be able to fulfill his dreams while he was here. Just as she knew that he wanted the same for her. And they would do what they could to offer that same thing to their children. Because life wasn't measure by what you had, but by who you share it with..........

*Soooooooooo.......been a while eh? I could blame school, but I won't. I have been pretty busy but I could have fit in some playing time if I wanted to. I just went through this period of just not wanting to play the game for some reason. I would think about firing it up and then just go to something else lol. But the bug is back now and I'm coming up on a two week vacation which will give me plenty of time to both play and catch on on everyone's blogs.
* Clarence is a family sim and has the want for another baby........that is SO not going to happen lol. I had to add a room onto the house for Logan! He'll just have to be happy with three kids! 
* I plan to let him buy the store next round. I figure he'll have enough fish and fruit by then. The gypsy brought the lamp to them and I let him wish for some cash. They had a previous loan that needed paying off and I thought, why not? I got elves and aliens running around, why not a genie? Lol. I didn't write it in though..........I did let him put a greenhouse around his garden so that he could maintain a crop no matter the season.


  1. I'm glad you're back in your simming groove! I was excited to see an update from you this morning. :)

    Anyway, I definitely think the one who carries the babies should have the final say on whether any more babies are coming along, so I'm totally with Lily here! I'm glad Clarence can see things from her perspective and isn't being too pushy.

    And lucky Clarence, getting that genie money! I can't wait to see the store!

    1. thanks, sometimes I just don't feel like playing and then one day I'll randomly feel like playing again! I think it's good to take a little break sometimes. I hope things are coming along well with Sullivan for you, that sucks about what happened.

      Yes, the carrier should get the final say lol.They really don't have the space or money for another kid. I think three is plenty for them! And I was glad that the lamp got dropped off with this family, they really needed the money :)

  2. I understand, sometimes I don't feel like playing, it's good having you back

    1. I didn't think it would take this long for me to bounce back, I'm sorry for such a long absence. But I definitely have the want again and the time so I'm excited to get back to simming again :)

  3. Yay! Super GEEKED that you are back to simming!! I was sad that after my hiatus that there was no updates from you! Hope you are well, and glad you are back! I hear ya on not wanting to fire the game, happens to me too.

    I'm glad that Lily is a supportive wife, and allowed him to start the farm. I hope that the business does well for him, and that they are happy with it once it really begins. The kids are adorable, a little sad they won't have another one. This would be great timing, Logan and the new baby would be about 2 years apart, isn't that the "perfect" spacing according to some?

    Great on the genie to pay off some debt, that is great timing for them!

    1. Yea I think because of how much we put in with the blogging that sometimes we all just need a little break :). This would be great timing for another kid, but with the new store coming and their lack of space, I think Clarence is just going to have to be happy with the three little munchikins that he already has :).


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