Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lift Off

Round 9 - June 2043
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Slade Willis is 28 (Giovanna Steele is 28)

We gon take it to the moon, take it the stars
How many people you know can make it this far?
I'm supercharged
Bout to take this whole thing to Mars
Jay-Z & Kanya West ft. Beyonce

Slade Willis was a very lucky man.
He had dated a few women in his time……okay maybe more than a few, but none of them affected him like Giovanna Steele did. Oh he wasn’t in love with her, that wasn’t the nature of their relationship, but he was definitely in LUST with her..........

She just………got him. They never had conversations about him staying in the studio too long or about the tabloid printing pictures of him with this woman or that woman. In fact, she was so busy with her modeling career and planning her retro style restaurant that there were times when he actually missed HER…………

"You are the best workout ever! I've cut my gym time down in half since we started hanging out," Giovanna said with a laugh.
"Well, you know, I do what I can. I'm starving, lets get something to eat. Then maybe we can begin round two," he said.
"I'm down for the food, but round 2 will have to wait. I have a shoot later," Giovanna said laughing.

La Cucina had kind of become their place. The food was wonderful and it was very close to Slade's home.
"You really should move out of that tiny apartment," he said.
"We've been over this Slade. I can't afford to waste money on a bigger place right now. All my extra money is going into this restaurant. Besides, I'm at your place most of the time that I'm not working," she said with a smile.
"Move in with me."

Did he really just say that? Where the hell did that come from! He must be losing his mind.........
"Did you just ask me to move in with you?" Giovanna asked warily.
"Yes, yes I did. I mean you just said how you're always at my house. And I'm getting ready to go on tour in a few months, I need someone to look after the house while I'm gone," he said.

"I appreciate the offer Slade, I really do. But given that you look like a deer caught in headlights when you offered, I don't think you're really ready for that," she said laughing.
"I did not look like a deer in headlights!"
"You totally did............but it's okay. I really don't mind my apartment," she said.
"So you're turning me down?"
"I don't think it's what you really want. Look, if you still feel this way about it after you come back from the tour, I'll consider it. Fair enough?"
"Yea I guess..........."

"Hey don't be like that. I'm trying to save you from yourself," Giovanna said laughing.
"I know, and I appreciate it. But living with you wouldn't be a big deal. We have an understanding, you know the score so it's not a problem," he said.
"Ask me again after your tour."
"Most definitely..........."

He knew it was arrogant of him, but he actually thought she would jump at the chance to move in with him. Every other woman in his life, past and present, would have been over the moon. Hell, Meadow would probably have had a heart attack. Maybe that's what it was, she wasn't being clingy. He wasn't planning on asking her to move in with him, but now that he had, he really wanted it to happen. And as he shook hands and made small talk with a Mellow Metal fan, he knew that he would definitely make that happen..................

Brian's old room was now Joss' room. Slade was trying to spend as much time with her as he could before they got back out on the road. He still couldn't believe how much she looked like him. And she was even starting to act like him in some ways.................

Being a father was never on his radar, but he couldn't imagine his life without hearing Joss laugh. Or seeing her smile. She was the only female in the world besides his mother who had ever captured his heart..........

And he was a damn good father to her.......but he was still Slade Willis, and with him, the party never stopped.
"Let's go out tonight. We haven't been out in forever! We're too young for that shit," Slade said to Brian when he came over.
"Slade, I have a newborn at home. I'm not going out partying and leaving Joanna home alone," Brian said.

"Marley is a baby, they aren't all that interesting. This is what I knew would happen. You and Kenny have gotten all domesticated and I'm out here being the odd man out," Slade said with a shake of his head.
"Look, Marley wasn't planned, but I did want to have kids eventually. You can't fault us for not feeling the same way you do or wanting the same things you want."
"It's not fair," Slade said like a child.

"What do you want from me? You're acting like a kid. We're grown men, Slade. With families. You have Joss," Brian said.
"Yes, and she hasn't slowed me down because I'm not tied down to some chick. You and Kenny aren't lame because you have kids. It's because you're all wrapped up in these women."
"Yea, I love Joanna. And Kenny loves Kayla. What so wrong with that?" Brian asked.
"Nothing, if it doesn't interfere with shit. But we're having to push back tour dates and I never see you guys outside of the studio anymore. No wonder I lost it and asked Giovanna to move in with me," Slade said.

"Wait, you did what?!"
"I asked Giovanna to move in with me."
"You're going to live with Giovanna? Seriously?" Brian asked.
"Maybe not........she turned me down, can you believe that?"
"I never thought I would see the day........" Brian said.
"Oh don't start that shit. Look, I asked and she said no. End of story. We were talking about how you guys have been flaking on me," Slade said.
"I'm sorry you feel that way. You know you're like my brother. We just want to spend time with our families before we go away. We're going to be on the road together for a long time, Slade. Enjoy your privacy while you can," Brian said laughing.
"Whatever. Get out man, guess I'm going out partying alone."
"Have fun......."
"Bite me, Johnson," Slade said.

Okay, so maybe he was overreacting. He knew that Kenny and Brian were just trying to be a good husband/boyfriend. And yea, they would be on the road together minus the chicks and kids. And when he came back, he would convince Giovanna to move in with him. He wasn't in love with her or anything. But who wouldn't want to come home to a gorgeous willing woman? Especially when it was one who would still allow you to be you without all those stupid rules that came with dating. No, this wasn't about love. Of that he was absolutely sure...........

* It's been a while once again since I updated. This time it was due to me catching the flu :(. Oh what a horrible week that was! I have begun my counseling practicum and will be quite busy this semester but I am definitely still going to try to find time to play and do updates. I'm ready to play Christa at uni lol

* Oh Slade. His wants are all over the place where Giovanna is concerned. I'm taking that as him being quite reluctant to accept his feelings for her. I do plan on moving her in later in the round. I may do a mini update about it.

* And seriously, how adorable is Joss?:

I have a feeling that she's going to be a bit of a handful when she's older lol.

* As far as the tour is concerned, I don't think I'm going to do a bunch of separate updates like I've done in the past. They will definitely play a show in New Barrington just so I can show off a bit more of my new subhood. The rest of it will probably be implied since my schedule has gotten so busy.


  1. Whoa, Slade! Moving in together? Surprising...though it seems like Slade was pretty surprised himself, lol! I think he might be protesting a little too much against the idea of actually being in love with Giovanna. Maybe he's not there now but I think it's bubbling under the surface.

  2. Wow, never would have thought Slade would resort to this, lol! Maybe he is losing his mind...or drinking and partying too much :) I adore Giovanna even more, she seems like the type of woman to bring Slade to his knees, haha!


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