Monday, March 2, 2015

Earned It

Round 9 - January 2044 - Mellow Metal Mini-Update
Kenny Coners, Brian Johnson, and Slade Willis are 29 (Giovanna Steele is 29)

So I love when you call unexpected
Cuz I hate when the moment's expected
So imma care for you, you, you
Imma care for you, you, you, you
Cuz girl you're perfect, you're always worth it
And you deserve it, the way you work it
Cuz girl you earned it, girl you earned it
The Weekend 

"You know that you don't have to do this, Slade. Like seriously, it's okay," Giovanna said.
"Why are you fighting me on this so hard? It's not like I'm asking you to marry me. Look, your lease is up, you're here all the time, it makes sense that you move in. I'm about to leave on this tour, you'll basically be here by yourself. And you understand our situation. You know that I'm not exactly a one woman kind of man. I see no problem here," Slade said.

"I mean, you can't really be surprised that I'm surprised at your offer, Slade. I just don't want to move in here and everything get messed up with us. I know the lifestyle you lead and I'm fine with it. But what happens when I meet someone?" Giovanna asked.
"What do you mean? I don't own you, you aren't my girlfriend or my wife. If you meet a guy, then you meet a guy, Giovanna. I don't care about that. We're friends and I just want to help you out. You're making this more complicated than it has to be," he said.

"And you're sure about this? I just don't want to get all settled here and you change your mind once you get back," Giovanna said with a laugh.
"I'm not going to change my mind. I wouldn't do that to you. Look, let's just do it on a trial basis, okay? Like if you signed a lease somewhere else. We try this for 6 months, if it doesn't work, then I will help you get your own place, okay?" 
"If you're sure........"

"Yes I'm sure, you goof. You know, most women would jump at this opportunity. I think you've bruised my ego.......but I know how you can make it up to me," Slade said with a laugh.
"A quickie before you hit the road? And the real reason you want me to move in comes to light," Giovanna said laughing.
"Smart girl, you know me so well!"

The first stop on their tour was in New Barrington. He and the guys were flying out and would be staying there for a few days. He was prepared for all the shit he knew Brian and Kenny were going to give him about moving Giovanna in. But he didn't care. He knew exactly what he was doing............

They were famished once they got off their flight and decided to take a chance with some of the airport food.
"I never thought I would see the day," Kenny said.
"Me either.........I thought he would at least be in his 30's before he fell," Brian said with a laugh.
"Go ahead. Get it all out of your systems," Slade said.
"Hey man, this is monumental. Like hell has officially frozen over," Kenny said.

"So when is the wedding? Does Kayla have time to lose her baby weight first?" Kenny asked.
"There's not going to be a wedding! God, I can't do something nice for someone? I can't help out a friend?" Slade asked.
"Meadow had your baby and you NEVER even entertained the IDEA of letting her stay with you. Giovanna is capable of taking care of herself and yet you insisted that she come live with you. And we're not supposed to see that as strange?" Kenny asked.
"Whatever, man. Speaking of Meadow, she's getting married to that rich French guy. Her and Joss are now living with him. I don't like it or him," Slade said.

"He seems like a nice enough guy. Joss will be provided for, that's for sure," Brian said.
"I don't need him to provide for my daughter. That's my job. And he had the nerve to ask if we would play at the wedding. Offered me $50,000," Slade said.
"Are you insane? Of course we'll do it! $50,000 split three ways is amazing," Kenny said.
"Hell yea, I've been wanting to add on to the house. That would definitely come in handy," Brian said.
"$50,000 a piece, not as a group. And that's just weird as hell, I don't want to be there when Meadow ties the noose," Slade said.
"You are NOT turning down $50,000 A PIECE because of your stupid pride. You don't even care about Meadow. And now you have Giovanna. We're playing that gig," Brian said.
"I don't HAVE Giovanna............."

"Look Slade. I know you don't really understand relationships since you don't do them, but both Brian and I can see where this is headed. You can either keep your head in the sand or face up to it. But either way, we're playing Meadow's wedding."
"Fine, I don't really give a shit either way. It'll just be weird."
"As far as Giovanna is concerned man, you really need to think about how you feel about her. We're yanking your chain, sure, but we're also concerned about you. This is uncharted territory for you," Brian said.
"Drop it okay? There is no relationship. She and I are just friends who sleep together and now live together. It's really not that big of a deal," Slade said.
"If you say so man.................."

The guys decided to kill some time before their sound check at a local park. Rollerskating was definitely not Slade's forte! 

Brian also discovered that he was definitely better off being a drummer and not a professional skater! He had to admit that he liked the city feel to New Barrington. He definitely wouldn't mind having a home here. But he would never want to give up his beach home.

The guys also decided to spend some time in a local arcade. Slade didn't think he would ever get tired of touring with these two. He knew that they had started their families and missed spending time with their wife and kids, but he remained hopeful that they would be able to continue touring for some years yet. And though they were pains in his ass, they were also his brothers.........

Once they got to the sound check, all of the talk about Giovanna stopped......for now. Kenny was actually pretty worried about Slade. If there ever was a female version of him, it was Giovanna Steele. And Kenny was afraid that his friend's feelings for Giovanna went a little more deeply than hers for him. Which was not a good thing at all..................

Slade in love was a weird thing to witness, whether his friend would admit to his feelings or not. Brian hoped that Slade eventually opened up his eyes and addressed it. He still couldn't believe that it had finally happened. Slade love? It was a world gone mad!

He didn't care what those two said, he was not in love with Giovanna. He liked her, of course. What's not to like? She was smart, funny, and sexy and she allowed him to be himself. She never pressed him about where he was or who he was with. It was an ideal arrangement. And it's not like it was forever. He knew that she would eventually move out and he would go back to having a bachelor's pad. It all made perfect sense to him...................

With every stage that they touched, they remained grateful that they were able to do what they loved. It was definitely a charmed life they were all living, and it was amazing!

*So I didn't want to do a whole tour with them, but I did want to address them and show that they are still working. I think I'll probably feature them at least once a round. The rest of their tour will just be implied.

*Slade still has all these wants for's funny to see. He still rolls wants for other women, but nothing like what it was before. I can't wait to see how all of this plays out for him. Giovanna is a pleasure sim so this really is all about fun for her. It'll be interesting to watch this relationship progress. She's now playable and will get her own profile.

*I could see Armand being arrogant enough to ask the father of his fiance's child to perform at the wedding lol. It'll be my first wedding with a live performance so I'm excited about that. It will be interesting to see how Armand and Slade interact now that Armand will be making decisions where Joss is concerned. I can see this getting a little messy. Meadow's not out of the woods just yet!

* I absolutely love playing these guys together. Them being in a band means that I'll get to keep playing them together for a while and I love that. Their chemistry is just spot on and their friendship is really nice to play up. They'll be entertaining me well into their elder years I'm sure lol. 

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  1. Your Mellow Metal updates are always so much fun. I loved seeing Brian and Kenny giving Slade a hard time about Giovanna and I definitely think they might be onto something. Now to wait to see if Slade ever gets on board, lol!


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