Thursday, January 10, 2008

SimSational Quarterly

I realized after reading a comment from Apple Valley that I have just completely disregarded my little newsletter! I'm still very interested in doing issues of it as I think it's a fun way for bloggers to come together and create something great! So I have an idea for a new issue: What if everyone picked a few of their favorite, maybe misunderstood sims and created a poll on their blog that allowed readers to decide who they would love to hear more about. After the poll is closed and the winner is chosen, we could each do an interview with said sim. I don't know if it would be better to have everyone answer the same questions or allow sims to answer questions that would be more specific to them. In addition, each sim could have their own little photoshoot in a place of their chosing and the pics could be included also. So this would be like a two or three page spread for each sim with the interview taking up one or two pages and the pics taking up another. It could be called Infamous Sims: The Real Deal, or something equally cheesy lol. This is all a really rough idea and I'm completely open to any suggestions, even to a completely different idea :). I figure the planning, poll, and creation of pages would take up enough time that by the time we all have our pages, I'll be in a place where I can create the newsletter and get it out in a timely fashion :). So please think about what you would like to see and let me know. We'll also need more ads for filling so if you have a business or event you want spotlighted from your hood, then please feel free to also create some ads. It would be something like this interview I did on AJ Taylor in this issue:

So let me know what you think about it and any ideas you might have :).......and thanks Apple Valley for reminding me about it!!


  1. That sounds interesting. Definitely a challenge for me too, because I so rarely write dialogue.

    Maybe if we did this, commenters to each blog could suggest questions they wanted answered and we might be able to have some general questions as well, that all the Sims would answer?

  2. Sounds good, since Apple Valley is a sims-to-sims site, then I'll send in an interview done by one of the local residents on another local resident.

    I ditto the idea of having some general questions, maybe having a few general questions and suggestions for questions linked from your blog. Or even once the "winner" is announced then questions could be posed to the "winner".

  3. Ooh this is a fun idea! I'd totally be game for this.

    I'm excited to see this come together!

  4. I love the idea and commenters asking their own specific questions and then having a set of general questions for every sim! I think it would be good to open up for questions after the winner has been chosen. Any one else have new ideas? I'd like to get this organizied as soon as possible so everyone can put up their polls.

  5. This seems like it could be a lot of fun! I had taken a long break from simming before starting up again recently, so I'll have to check out that Newsletter of yours, it looks interesting.


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